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Hike Awaawapuhi Trail


Nestled in Kokee State Park, the Awaawapuhi Trail climbs along the most majestic vistas on the Kaua’i island. You’ll explore dense jungle foliage and dry, mountain landscapes alike as you enjoy your stroll. Gaze out over the breathtaking view of the oceans and valleys along the Nualolo Cliff.

At 6.2 miles, there and back, this downhill hike is perfect for moderate-to-experienced hikers who want to enjoy the scenic Hawaiian surroundings. As the trail descends into Awaawapuhi Canyon, you’ll see numerous examples of Hawaii’s local flora and fauna and the majestic spires of Na Pali mountain before you. At the trail end you find a grassy plateau, perfect for a picnic, which looks out onto a sweeping view of the surrounding valleys of Kaua’i.

If you would prefer not to backtrack, you can take the Nualolo cliff trail to circle back, though this will add 5 miles to the trip. This trail will take you deeper into the cliffs of Kaua’i on a winding trek back. Whether you take the short or long route, you’ll experience the breathtaking splendor of Awaawapuhi Valley. Gaze out over the ocean views and breath the refreshing island breeze.

Traverse the Awaawapuhi Trail and experience the magic of the Hawaiian islands. The Kaua’i landscape swoops and climbs around you, resulting in dizzying views and thrilling drop-offs. To see the best Hawaii has to offer, brave the Awaawapuhi Trail and have the adventure of a lifetime.

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Hiking through Kaua'i with a trail guide is a safe way to see the beauty of the island, without taking unnecessary risks. If you would like to book a hike with us, contact us below and we'll guide you through the hidden wonders of Kaua'i. 

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